Love Toppers® Maths!

Toppers® multiplies the number of different manicures that you can achieve from your base colour gel polish and regular polishes.

Here’s how…

Every Toppers® top coat can be used to change the finish of every colour polish that you own.

Every time you add a different Toppers® gel polish top coat to a colour of your choice it changes the effect that you achieve.

So, take a red gel polish, or a red regular polish. Add a white polka dot Toppers® for one effect, a luxurious gold for another, or a fine silver for another.


Now take 50 different colours from your favourite brands, and take 20 Toppers®. Here’s where Toppers® Maths really does the business.

Toppers® Maths!

50 Colours X 20 Toppers®
= 1000 different Manicure Choices!!

Gone are the days of needing to stock hundreds of different polishes with clock-ticking shelf lives! Just add 20 Toppers® and you Multiply Your Manicures by 20!