Toppers® top coats is the game-changing NEW gel polish brand that is transforming manicures! As The Top Coat Brand we specialise in creating luxurious professional gel polish top coats for the global nail industry.

What does Toppers® offer you?

  • Toppers gel polish top coats work with all brands of gel polish and nail varnish. This means that you can keep your favourite brand colours and just accessorise with Toppers.
  • Toppers launch with an initial range of 20 different glitter top coats and polka dot top coats. Added to any colour they transform your manicure into stunning glitter and polka finishes.
  • Toppers are cruelty-free top coats. Toppers products are animal-friendly and registered with the Vegan Society as vegan gel polish top coats.
  • Toppers are no wipe top coats that cure to a no wipe finish leaving no sticky mess.
  • Toppers brand also has a crystal-clear no wipe top coat that also works with all brands, and a no wipe matte top coat.
  • Toppers® gel polish top coats multiply the number of manicure finishes that you can achieve with the colours that you have! Want to know more? Read about Toppers® Maths here.


Create your Individual Look, and Feel Amazing!

Toppers is about feeling amazing and expressing yourself, and by adding a Toppers gel polish top coat to your manicure, you can do just that!

“It’s like wearing accessories to transform a plain black dress into a show-stopping party outfit. You wear Toppers to create a great manicure!” explains Toppers co-creator Jeff Parker.

Toppers gives you the opportunity to create an individual and unique look by accessorising your manicures and choosing the Toppers® gel top coat finish you want. If you want to dress up a red polish with the gold glitter Top Talent, or rock the black polka dots of Top Class, you can!

How was Toppers® Created?

The founders of Toppers Nails Ltd are Michaela and Jeff. They developed Toppers® by using a lot of science, and challenging the traditional rules that say you can only use a product if it is part of the gel polish system for a brand.

With a degree in Chemical Engineering, Michaela worked for 2 years along-side research and development specialists to develop the unique formula for Toppers that make it a universal top coat that can be used with all brands of gel and nail polish.

Toppers top coats are clear gel polish top coats with glitters, holographic glitters and polka dots. They are cured with a UV lamp in 2 minutes, or LED lamp in 30 seconds to a smooth, hard finish that will last 21 days.

“We wanted to create something that makes people feel amazing, and gives them real added value,” explains Michaela. “The fact that Toppers gel polishes are used as a top coat with any brand means that there is a world more choice for manicure finishes.”

Choose from chunky glitters, medium or fine glitters in gold, red, purple, silver and grey, holographic blue, black, white and blue polka dots, gorgeous reds, and rose gold.

Toppers® top coats gives you unique finishes and a world of glittery polka dot choice!!”