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Top Diva is a clear Toppers® top coat with medium and small-fine aqua glitter.

Top Diva is pure aqua-turquoise Toppers® glitter bliss.

Larger particles blended with fine glitters catch the light across the colour spectrum as you glide across the floor, or sidle up to the office coffee machine with a devilish diva smile!

Explore the Manicure Gallery below to see examples of this Toppers® at work. Be adventurous, and choose the colours that you want for your own unique Toppers® finishes.

Toppers® gel polish is cured with an LED or UV lamp, and instructions are provided below.

Toppers® products are cruelty-free and are registered with the Vegan Society.

Top Manicure Gallery

How To Apply Toppers® For A Great Finish

Make sure that your nails are prepared well, and are dry and clean.

Apply your base coat and colour from your chosen brand.

If you are using gel polish, follow the directions and cure with your gel polish with an LED or UV lamp. If you are using nail varnish, allow it to dry.

Select the Toppers® Universal Top Coat® of your choice.

Apply Toppers® by painting in strokes or dabbing with your brush to get the effect that you want.

Avoid the nail wall area and remember to seal the free edge. Don’t overload your nails with Toppers®.

When you are happy, cure your Toppers® top coat under an LED lamp for 30 (based on a 36 watt lamp) seconds. A UV lamp will take up to 2 minutes to cure.

All gel polish can cause heat spikes if applied thickly, and Toppers® is a deliciously luxurious gel!

To avoid spikes place the nails under the LED light for 8-10 seconds. Then remove your hand for 10 seconds. Put back under and complete the cure with 20 seconds of curing time. Alternatively place the nails half way into the lamp to activate the curing process, and then place the nails fully under the lamp after 10 seconds to completely cure for the remaining 20 seconds.

Toppers® top coats will cure to a silky smooth finish.

Toppers® are No Wipe top coats that do not leave a sticky layer after curing.

Smile and enjoy!

For removal instructions please see the Top Tips in the main menu.

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