Welcome to Top Tips. Here you will find instructions for Applying, Removing, and Infilling with Toppers.

Toppers® are professional-use products and require adequate training prior to use. Here’s how to get the best from your Toppers gel polish top coats!

Before using Toppers ensure that the bottles are at room temperature. These are luxurious gel polishes, thick and loaded with glittery loveliness. The warmer they are, the better they flow. Toppers top coats are gel polishes and the hardening process is activated by UV light. Store your Toppers top coats at room temperature away from sunlight.

How to Apply Toppers gel polish top coats

1. Firstly, make sure that your nails are prepared well, and are dry and clean.

2. Apply your base coat and colour from your chosen brand.

3. If you are using gel polish, follow the directions and cure your gel polish with an LED or UV lamp. If you are using nail varnish, allow it to dry.

4. Select the Toppers® Universal Top Coat® of your choice.

5. Apply Toppers® by painting in strokes or dabbing with your brush to get the effect that you want.

6. Avoid the nail wall area and remember to seal the free edge. Don’t overload your nails with Toppers®.

7. When you are happy, cure your Toppers® top coat under an LED lamp for 30 (based on a 36 watt lamp) seconds. A UV lamp will take up to 2 minutes to cure.

NOTE: All gel polish can cause heat spikes if applied thickly, and Toppers® is a deliciously luxurious gel!

8. To avoid spikes place the nails under the LED light for 8-10 seconds. Then remove your hand for 10 seconds. Put back under and complete the cure with 20 seconds of curing time.

Toppers® top coats will cure to a silky smooth finish. 

Toppers® are No Wipe top coats that do leave a sticky layer after curing.


How to Remove Toppers gel polish top coats


Toppers® top coats are soak off gel polishes. This means that they are removed in the same way as all gel polishes. Here’s how to remove Toppers gel polish top coats!

1. To remove the gel polish, you can gently buff the surface to remove the Toppers® gel polish layer if you want to, but buffing isn’t necessary. If you do want to, use a 240 grit file to just remove the shine (or matte).

2. Never file the nail plate as this will cause damage and thinning of the natural nail.

3. Use acetone-based nail varnish remover, to remove Toppers®. Soak cotton wool with the remover, and wrap the cotton wool around the nails, then enclose in foil for 15 minutes so that the gel polish softens.

4. After 15 minutes, remove the wraps and dispose of them safely. Next with an orange stick gently push off the gel taking care not to dig or scrape at the nail plate. The gel should come away from the nail easily. If it doesn’t repeat the process with fresh wraps for another five minutes.

5. To finish wash the hands and apply cuticle oil.


How to Infill with Toppers 


As the nails grow, after 2 weeks, you may want to infill between the cuticle and the gel in the new growth area, just as you would with other traditional gel polish systems.

1. Gently file the ridge between the nail and gel layer until it is smooth. Avoid filing the nail bed itself or the cuticle area as this can cause damage.

2. Apply your base coat, colour coat and Toppers® to the new growth area curing with a UV or LED lamp between layers of polish.


 Avoiding Gel Polish Heat Spikes

1. The process of curing Toppers uses UV or LED light and releases heat. This is the same for all gel polishes. If you experience a heat spike these are the measures that you should take:

2.  Ensure that you do not file the nail bed. Thin nails will reduce the protection layer between the gel polish and the nerves in the nail, and heat will pass through more easily.

3.  Don’t overload the nail with too much delicious Toppers® top coat. Toppers® are designed to be thick luxurious gel polishes, but they can still be applied relatively thinly.

4.  As per the instructions for applying Toppers® introduce the hand slowly to the light so that the reaction starts more slowly, and produces less heat. Alternatively, place the hand under the light for 8-10 seconds, remove it for a few seconds, and then place it back under the light to cure for the allotted time. UV lamps require up to 2 minutes to cure gel polishes, and LED lamps typically 30 seconds.